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Employment and social law: important recent rulings by the Court of Cassation.

I. Dismissal after the probationary period: it is illegal if training is lacking. The Supreme Court declared on the legality of a dismissal ordered for the failure of the probationary period if the employer did not provide the pertaining training established by the National Collective Labour Agreement.

II. “Guarantee Officer”: the identification of the recipients of the safety requirements in complex corporate structures. According to the Supreme Court the identification of the recipients of the safety requirements imposed by the regulations for the prevention of work accidents in such environments must be based on the actually exercised functions and not on the qualification covered by people in charge.

III. Self-employed women: maternity benefits and time-off for the employee father.

Laboutin’s Red Sole is a valid trade-mark.

On 12th June 2018 the European Court of Justice (CJEU) declared in favor of the validity of Christian Louboutin red soles trademark (Case C-163/16). The decision was reached after years of litigation between Louboutin and the Dutch footwear company Van Haren. The case will continue before the Dutch Courts

“Be International. Be Digital” and the digital corporate renewal.

The project “Be International –  Be Digital” continues.  Be Digital involves Tonucci & Partners , CUOA Business School and Bonucchi & Associates  aims  to collect ten case histories of companies that have undertaken the digital renewal process. The protection of digital innovation and data collected from digital development, in addition to the study of new forms of contracts, increase the need for specialized legal assistance.