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Decree no. 231/01 extended to fight against racism and xenophobia as well.

Law no. 167, dated November 20th 2017, “Dispositions on the fulfillment of obligations regarding Italy in its affiliation to European Union – 2017 European Law” is now published.
Within the implementation of Framework Decision no. 2008/913/GAI concerning fight against all racism and xenophobia types and expressions, 2017 European Law set out the inclusion of a new art. 25 – 13th paragraph in matter of fight against racism and xenophobia to the rules of Legislative Decree no. 231, dated June 8th 2011

Whistleblowing: new protection laws for those who report offences.

Whistleblowers are protected by the law that has been recently introduced to stop them being treated unfairly or losing their job because they ‘blew the whistle’.
The law for the protection of the employee who reports offences at work has been approved. Organizational Models according to d.lgs. 8 June 2001 no. 231 will need to be updated consequently.

Fiscal Guide for short term rentals.

The Decree no. 50/2017 has introduced a specific fiscal legislation for the short term home rentals (no more than 30 days); the decree apply to rentals  executed from  1st June 2017.

Art Bonus to be revised.

Tonucci & Partners contribution by Francesca Perri at ItaliaOggi Forum concerning Art Bonus. The Art Bonus is not

Italian State aid: voucher for the internationalization of SME.

The countdown has begun for all SME interested in their internationalization through the non-refundable Italian State grant. The “Extraordinary Promotion Plan for the Made in Italy” is worth 26 million euros: the Ministry will assign this amount in on a first come first served basis until financial resources are extinguished.

Extension of terms for Tax settlement.

The Italian government spreads the opportunity to extinguish – without interest or penalties – the registry charges for fiscal purposes including local taxes and NHSS contributions : hence the tax payers have prolonged terms to file for the application for settlement.

A new agreement against the double taxation between Rumania and Italy.

With the formal exchange of the Government’s approvals, eventually the international treaty to avoid double taxation is in force between the two countries. Such new treaty substitute the previous international agreement executed in 1977 – with signing in Bucarest, subsequently ratified in Italy with the Law no. 680 – 18th October, 1978.