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“Decree of dignity” new regulations.

The c.d. “Decree of dignity” that when intervening on some particularly topical issues provides more stringent rules on work to limit the use of fixed-term contracts that can not last more than two years and must be justified after the first 12 months and redundancies without just cause increasing by 50% the indemnity that goes from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 36.

The theft of company data and disclosure of confidential information.

The Court of Cassation establishes that the employee who transfers data belonging to the company to a personal pen drive without the necessary authorization from his employer, even if referring to his activity and not protected by a password, engages in serious behavior such as legitimizing his dismissal for just cause without notice.

The reform of staff secondments within the European Union.

The European Parliament has finally approved the reforms on the posting of workers in the provision of transactional services within the European Union in order to eliminate the unequal treatment of relocated workers and obstacles to the free movement of persons and services between Member States by removing restrictions based on the nationality and residence of these subjects.

The Italian Supreme Court on recordings at workplace.

The Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) stated on the legitimacy of recordings at workplace.
The Court stated the legitimacy of recording the conversations with colleagues made by a worker in order to defend his rights against the employer’s initiatives of dubious legitimacy.
Therefore, according to the Court, recordings do not ground disciplinary sanctions toward the worker who made them, and rather legitimize the worker reintegration in the workplace.