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FAQ of the Data Protection Authority: data processing at work in context with the current health emergency.

The measures imposed on public and private companies for the containment of the Covid-19 virus, provided for by current legislation and the “Shared protocol for the regulation of measures to contain the spreading of the Covid-19 virus in the place of work” of 14 March 2020, as amended and integrated, include provisions involving the processing of personal data by employers, both in the data relating to employees and to any third parties accessing company’s premises, ensuring the health and safety within the place of work. Therefore, more specifically to the critical data protection issues, the Data Protection Authority has intervened providing companies with concrete indications regarding the correct processing of personal data in the current emergency situation.

MISE: force majeure certificates arrive.

The Ministry of Economic Development with its Newsletter no. 88612 of 25 March 2020 ruled that the Chamber of Commerce may issue declarations in English, if so requested by Companies, certifying “force majuere” conditions resulting from the current Covid-19 emergency.