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Covid-19: the remote release of the power of attorney in the tax trial.

The Legislator, when converting the so-called “Cura Italia” decree by way of l. n. 27/2020, introduced a provision that put an end to a problem that already came out at the beginning of the social distancing imposed by the pandemic Covid – 19 emergency, prescribing the useful methods regarding the remote release of the power of attorney.

COVID, mobile apps and privacy: European Commission guidance available online (pt. II).

As part of a Community approach to combating and containing the diffusion of the COVID-19 virus (the “coronavirus”), the European Commission has adopted the Guide to Data Protection in Applications to Support the Fight Against the COVID 19 Pandemic (the “Guide”).
Herewith below you can find the second part of the analysis of the aforesaid guidelines (the first part is available here) concerning privacy by design and by default, measures to be taken in order to ensure compliance with the principles of lawfulness, purposes of data minimization, access and storage limitation, based on the various features of the apps under review.