Criminal Law

We understand how any criminal investigation may impact on managers, officers, employees, technicians and,more generally, on people and their families.

Our criminal law team renders full assistance in all legal issues to be faced by companies and people who are subject to investigation, proceedings and/or conviction measures; our firm covers a large span of crimes, such as: tax and corporate crimes, bankruptcy and smuggling crimes, health and safety, environmental crimes; food safety and counterfeiting crimes, frauds, crimes against property and trade, money laundering, insider trading, cyber crimes, bribery and corruption, misappropriation, abuse of office, forgery, professional liability, disasters, injuries and murders.

We provide support at all proceeding stages, on precautionary, custodial measures and seizures, representing criminal defendants and offended parties before any Court, (also locally) including Appellate and Supreme Courts, and before the European Court of Human Rights.

We have remarkable expertise in carrying out defensive investigations, in order to contribute in the repression of corporate illegal activities, protecting companies from reputational damage.

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