Insurance Law

We understand the importance of providing a well- rounded assistance to the operators of the insurance industry. On the basis of our specialist knowledge and robust experience, we actively participate in the evolution of the sector, regularly liaising with managers, officers and company functions in order to deep-dive in business requirements and give commercially relevant advice within the insurance regulation order. We advise regulated entities in the EU and extra-EU countries on any insurance issue. Our industry strong expertise enables us to provide top quality legal support in outlining the strategies to successfully reach the best results. We give our support on the review of investment policies or frameworks and company policies, evaluating prudential requirements, in order to ensure full compliance with insurance regulation. We assist on high-complexity claims which may result from judgements and decisions issued by the Italian Supervisory Authority and by any European Administrative Authority. We also provide legal support on authorization processes connected with extraordinary operations, as well as authorizations for intermediaries and subsidiaries of EU insurance companies. We develop tailor-made audit and compliance plans, defining a number of procedures as to prevent sanctions and administrative liability of companies arising from Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001, considering any client’s specific requirement and providing employees’ training and regular follow up. We have gained a remarkable expertise in the creation of insurance products and the drafting of information packages, supporting clients in verifying the compliance of such documentation with the insurance regulatory and financial framework and with consumer protection law. We provide continuous support in setting out distribution and free-cooperation agrements, monitoring their sound performance.  

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