Administrative Law and
Public Sector

We assist companies and private individuals in liaising with public authorities; we have a strong background and a broad experience in managing all the out-of-court and in-court matters of public and administrative law. We provide strategic advice for all public administration activities, including the management of public bodies, state-owned and local government-owned companies. Our specialised lawyers handle any stage of public procurement agreements, from the bid to the execution, the interpretation of rules and compliance with national and local legislation; in addition the Firm performs the analysis and review of judgements, regulations, procedures, authorizations, petitions and implementation issues, market regulations and Independent Authorities activities. Our lawyers, organized in multi-functional teams, provide consultancy in all regulated sectors, We give sound support, carrying out due diligence on business areas, permits and authorizations (verifying their legality and adequacy) within the planning and implementation of higly strategic transactions ( business, corporate and financial). We act on behalf of clients at any stage of litigation before any Court and Authority, including Independent Authorities and arbitrators.

Private and Public Partnershipp

We advise on any public and private partnership (PPP), such as project finance, concessions, mixed joint ventures, integrated programmes and schedule agreements.

Regulared Industries (Aviation, Health Service, Pharmaceutical, Food&Beverage, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Cosmetics, etc.)

We provide advice and assistance to companies operating in regulated sectors for specific transactions (e.g. participation requirements), with a full range of services in relation to certain industrial issues, including assistance with respect to regulatory compliance and advice on administrative supervision (e.g. pharmacovigilance).

Environment and Waste Management

We provide advice on a wide range of issues related to environmental law and to authorization and evaluation processes, such as waste management, water drainage, contaminated land reclamation, air and noise pollution.

Due Diligence

We carry out due diligence on all administrative law topics, on sector regulation and compliance.


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