Antitrust, Competition,
Eu Law

Our team of highly experienced practitioners combines technical expertise with pragmatic approach, focusing on prevention and management of risks in national and European competition and market regulation.
We proactively carry out any verification of compliance with legislation in force and provide assistance in any relationship with Antitrust Authorities. We defend claims before public bodies and any Member State Courts, as well as before the European Commission and the European Courts.

Over the years, the firm has gained qualified expertise in many industry sectors such as: sport audiovisual rights, vessel construction, betting, defence, renewable energy, airport services, infrastructures, insurance, finance, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and media.

Control of Concentrations

Prior notification of concentrations between companies according to italian and EU legislation.Coordination of verification and consequent prior notifications within multi-jurisdictional operations.

State Aids

Assistance to beneficiaries and public administrations in informal and formal proceedings relating to state aids.


Assistance in proceedings on cartels and dominant position abuse before Supervisory Authorities of any Member State,the European Commission, and in related claims before the national Administrative Courts or European Union Courts.

Civil Law Competition and damage compensation Lawsuits

Assistance in infringement proceedings related to competition laws.

Commercial Agreements, including Licenses of Intellectual Property Rights

Assistance in the verification of compliance with existing legislation for the protection of competition in commercial agreements or intellectual property rights licenses across multiple industry sectors.

Consumer Protection and Misleading Advertising

Prior verification of compliance of marketing strategies with national and European law, and assistance in proceedings before competent Authorities.

 European Union and Markets Regulation

Assistance with respect to matters governed by European law and the relevant national implementing rules including the free movement of goods, services and capitals, public procurement and regulation of markets.

Antitrust Compliance Programs and Consumer Protection

Tailor-made compliance programs, for any customer needs, including training courses for employees, drafting of corporate guidelines and Codes of Conduct, and consequent follow-up.


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