Employment Law and
Industrial Relations

Our firm has a solid experience in advising out-of-court and in-court matters of labour, pension law and industrial relations. We assist both employers ( Italian and foreign large, medium and small sized companies, corporations and state-owned enterprises) and employees (officers and senior managers), at any stage of any kind of dispute or claim pertaining to the sector. We provide specific support to companies for the implementation of the best business strategies related to workforce management as well as assisting in labour profiles of acquisition, reorganization and restructuring transactions.


Our firm advises – also on a continuous basis – with regard to any aspect of human resources management. We arrange and hold regular training courses addressed to management and employees on labour matters and changes in regulations.


We assist in the drafting and negotiation of employment agreements, for any kind of position and employee,giving specific guidelines on the following matters: employee classification, remuneration, confidentiality and exclusivity, pension law, health and safety rules on working premises.


We offer clients support on any kind of labour and pension litigation, also before Higher Courts and on the ADR, including arbitrations.


Our lawyers provide specialist consultancy to all networks and organizations that engage agents, on any related agreement and issue.In particular, we attend continuously to all matters arising out from agency relationships, giving also legal support on agremeent drafting and negotiation.

Strategic Transaction & Employment

We advise on the management and planning of employment issues within highly strategic or extraordinary transactions, such as acquisitions, reorganizations, restructurings, insolvent companies recovery plans, transfer of business units. We also contribute in outlining and implementing outsourcing solutions and work flexibility.

Non-Competition, Confidentiality, Non-disclosure and Stability Agreements

We draft agreements and clauses of non- competition, confidentiality, non-disclosure and stability; we advise on breach of loyalty and mobbing cases, as well as on protection measures against unfair practices, even in urgent proceedings.

Dismissal and Employment Termination

We provide assistance in any kind of redundancy procedure or employment termination.

Due Diligence

We carry out due diligence on pension and employment law facets.

Trade Unions and Industrial Relations

We advise on trade unions law, also representing clients in negotiations with trade unions, coordinating the collective bargaining agreements negotiations that involve employers, trade unions and competent Authorities.


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