Gianluca Bocchino in the trial regarding Saman Abbas death.

Involved in the trial regarding Saman Abbas, Pakistani origins girl, who was killed in 2021 for refusing an arranged marriage, Gianluca Bocchino of Tonucci & Partners commented the news regarding the seizure of Nazia, Saman’s mother who was a fugitive in Pakistan.

Gianluca Bocchino, explaining the next judicial steps, stated that “Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office will start now the extradition procedure, since the person has already been declared a fugitive during the investigations and during the first instance trial. Saman’s mother was sentenced to life imprisonment and therefore, once in Italy, she will immediately go to prison and will be able then to defend herself in the subsequent appeal trial, this time not as a fugitive as in the past but in presence”.

“It is an extremely important news for what I represent – the attorney points out – it is clear that it makes a difference knowing whether a guilty person is in prison or at liberty. At this point, Saman’s mother will be able to get heard by the magistrates or the judge at the moment the appeal process is finalized.”


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