Banking and Finance

We offer assistance in the completion of financial transactions and in the management of each and every legal and contractual issue within the banking and finance sector.
We address all the potential involved parties such as: borrowers, banks, financial operators,insurance companies, leasing companies, financers, real estate companies, mezzanine investors, hedge funds, financial services boutiques,sponsors, national and international investors.
Over the years, we have handled any type of ordinary and extraordinary transactions, on a full domestic basis or having legal and contractual cross-border aspects. We have developed a specific knowledge of operational and financial needs of any industry sector (corporate loan).
We also give broad assistance on banking and finance litigation.

Financial Transactions

We act for financers, borrowers, sponsors in any type of financial case, including public and private bodies. We provide assistance on financing transactions of acquisition, recapitalization, restructuring and transfer. We also handle senior debts, extraordinary debts, any type of subordinate debt, such as mezzanine, high yield, PIK o hybrid, as well as bridge loans, securitizations, shareholdings,and capital increases.

Asset Finance

We advise on a broad range of asset finance: equipment, machinery, vessels, aircrafts, satellites, stocking sites, oil &gas offshore drilling plants; in addition, airport, railway and harbour infrastructure, energy and transmission assets, mines, construction, telecommmunication, manufacturing and process machinery.

Corporate Leding

Thanks to our experience,our coverage spans the spectrum of corporate lending transactions also offering a number of related services: loan and warranty structuring, bank interchange agreements, privileged rights issues, regulatory compliance, environmental topics, guarantee documentation and execution.
Our lawyers assistance includes domestic and cross- border transactions: working capital and secured funding; leveraged buy-out; management buyout and “going private” fundings; leasing agreements and equipment funding, including aircrafts, railways, engines and vessels; factoring, invoice funding and stocking houses; cross-border financing; securities backed by mortgages; letters of credit and bank guarantees; promissory notes; transparency information to customers; review and analysis of customer complaints; implementation procedures and debt collection and other matters relating to the rights of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.


We advise on any regulatory issue, including compliance for the establishment, operation and management of banks and financial institutions; compliance with regulations for transnational activities and their execution; advice and assistance in relation to inspections and investigations carried out by the Supervisory Authorities; disciplinary procedures issued by the Supervisory Authorities and related litigation; M&A transactions related to banks and regulated financial institutions; we also provide support on anti-money laundering and anti-corruption issues.

Debt Restructuring

We routinely act for creditors and debtors in debt reorganization, restructuring and refinancing, giving support on the various issues related to moratorium agreements, debt restructuring plans and related agreements, including bankruptcy proceedings and out -of -court debt settlement.

Real Estate Finance

We provide legal assistance on a wide range of banking and financial services in real estate, in favour of lenders, borrowers, lead managers, issuers and other market players, covering the spectrum of any real estate financial operation including highly structured cross-border transactions; namely: purchase of real estate assets, portfolios of real estate assets and investment vehicles holding such assets; acquisition of mortgage financing; refinancing of existing financial operations; acquisition of portfolios of bank credits; real estate securitization via conduit; complex financing structures aimed at optimizing the tax burden.


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