Family, Private Wealth and Succession Law

We recognize that family,successions and property law issues are of crucial and sensitive importance for our clients as they may concern various personal and financial interests of individuals.

We pay special attention and due respect to any issue regarding marital relations, last will and testament, the caring of persons who, partly or wholly, lack capacity.

We provide assistance in the analysis and planning of personal assets and property, giving support on any family and succession matters and, more generally, on any issue regarding assets and property protection.

Our activity is aimed at identifying the general and specific means of protection of people and assets, to ensure clients’ serenity, preventing or managing possible disputes in the relationships with siblings and third parties, also advising on family-managed business.

Our qualified assistance combines the knowledge of company and tax law with the expertise in foreign legal orders, as well as the recognized proficiency in international procedural law and litigation.

Estate Planning

We advise on outlining the legal solutions for the management and protection of family and personal assets (tax planning, segregation, transfer, generational handovers, etc.).


We advise on wills and mortis causa transfers of property as well as probate litigation.

Personal Rights and Family Care

We attend to each and every issue related to personal rights within marriage and social groups: personal and financial relations between spouses or cohabitating partners, procreation and filiation, separation and divorce.

Legal Guardianship and Tutorship

Our support is focused on finding adequate legal solutions to protect adults and minors who need care and assistance.

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Family Trusts: Limits on foreclosure and/or repossession.

The Supreme Court with its decision n. 8201 27 April 2020 pinpointed the limits of the foreclosure procedure with regards to family trusts. Family trusts, relate to a specific statutory institution, whereby a separated and tied-up wealth can be constituted to satisfy exceptional family needs; indeed it includes assets that cannot be subjected to repossession to extinguish debts that the creditor knew were contracted for purposes unrelated to the needs of the family.
This decision has given the Court a chance to specify the nature of the assets that make-up the trust therefore cannot be foreclosed.

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Coronavirus: handling the relations among children and divorced parents.

Coronavirus emergency implies the adoption of restrictive measures which tackle fundamental rights including, first of all, the freedom to move bringing forth, as a consequence, the social distancing: in this context, not prejudicing the essential child’s health protection, there arises the problem of reconciling the existing actual limitations with the maintenance of a serious and constant relationship among divorced parent and the child entrusted mainly to the other parent.

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