Real Estate

We offer highly qualified assistance in all types of real estate transactions, regarding management, development and investments. We advise owners, developers, investors, tenants, financers and borrowers.
The expertise of our lawyers and the complexity of transactions managed across the years, allow us to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions aimed at meeting the highest expectations and requirements of any sector player.
The lawyers team has a solid experience in selling conspicuous real estate portfolios, other than in real estate development projects, allotment and reconversion.
The firm gives also a significant support on real estate finance.


We advise on real estate developing projects regarding office assets, malls, parking lots, hotels and resorts, residential housing, business park, recreational projects, industrial plants, land allottment and reconversion aimed at the recovery of industrial and urban areas.


We support a large range of clients, fulfilling investors’ specific requests (real estate investment funds, companies and joint ventures) at any stage of the investment process, from the early stage of the transaction through the drafting and negotiation of the necessary documentation, giving assistance on closing stage and on any possible exit strategies.

Owners and Tenants

On the basis of a thorough analysis of the client’s business, we handle all the aspects connected to headquarters building, real estate portfolio management, owners and tenants protection, identifying the adequate solutions for any requests regarding the property management.

Financers and Borrowers

Our solid knowledge of the means of financing any property transaction, enables the development and planning of highly innovative financial solutions, ranging from the transaction structuring and negotiation up to the closing stage.

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