ISDE Sports Convention.

Conference regarding Sports Facilities – CONI, March 29th 2023.

Assisted by Tonucci & Partners, Ovindoli Municipality obtains ski facilities expansion.

Court of Cassation cancels over 50 million seizure for Cellino, president of Brescia Football Club, as assisted by Giorgio Altieri and Ida Blasi of Tonucci & Partners, part of the legal team.

International Skating Union Case – No call for the opening of international skating market from the Advocate General (at least for now): It is possible to limit the access to a specific market if such restriction is justified by legitimate objectives and implemented measures are proportionate.

Superleague Case – The Advocate General teams up with FIFA and UEFA: the rules of the two world football top organizations are not contrary to EU competition law.

Confirmed Tonucci & Partners expertise in sports entertainment.

Vietnam Sports Forum 2022: professionalism in sports business and marketing.

NEW OBLIGATIONS FOR FEDERATIONS AND SPORTS CLUBS. Guidelines and Organizational Models to prevent discrimination and violence.

Global Sports Monaco Summit – sports key event.