Italian Start-up Visa

flag-1205372_640Foreigners who invest at least 50,000.00 Euro in a new Italian innovative start-up or enter in an existing innovative  startup can obtain a startup visa, and reside in Italy.


In order to contribute to Italian economic growth and employment, Italy supports innovative entrepreneurship. Since 2012 Italian government issued new laws and regulations, in particular Law 221/2012, to promote the establishment of ‘innovative start-ups’, i.e. new innovative enterprises of high technological value. To attract foreign  investors and talented people to come to Italy to invest in innovation, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the  Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly issued the guidelines for the start-up visa. Non EU residents can enter Italy by setting up an enterprise as sole investor or with other shareholders.  For the start-up visa there are mainly two conditions to be satisfied: (i) a capability to invest not less than 50.000.00 Euro, and (ii)  technology innovation skills.  According to the applicable law, there are also some conditions to be satisfied by the enterprise, in order to be considered as an innovative start-up, in particular related to profits distribution, production value, percentage of investment in R&D, etc. The newly established enterprise can enjoy a preferential treatment compared to other Italian enterprises, and also tax incentives. An innovative enterprise can more easily employ personnel, if compared to other Italian companies.


People investing in innovative start-ups can obtain a one year residence permit, and can also convert their short-term residence permit into a long-term residence permit. You are welcome to liaise with us to obtain additional information, by sending an email to

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