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Tonucci & Partners features in TopLegal Ranking.

Tonucci & Partners in the establishment and financing instruments in favor of Obton Italy Fund.

Tonucci & Partners and Lgpa in the acquisition of 8 photovoltaic plants by AIM Vicenza.

Why the Constitutional Court endorsed the economic operators’ grounds on the so called “Salva Registri Eolici”.

Tonucci & Partners wins before the Constitutional Court on the so called “Salva Registri Eolici”.

Renewable energy, Romania reintroduces (urgently) the PPA.

Tonucci & Partners and the other Firms involved in Danish Obton’s refinancing of a 15 photovoltaic installations portfolio.

Energy efficiency, seism – bonus and the other encouraging implementations of “Decreto Rilancio”.

Rental – Electric micro mobility: the implementing decree was signed.

Requalification for registration tax purposes, by the Tax Authorities, of the transfer/constitution of surface rights in a company sale agreement, in the renewable energy sector.