In this section, you may download two forms for:
  • drafting a complaint to start a Re-Assignation Procedure of a previously challenged ccTLD “.it” domain name;
  • drafting a repleader to the complaint to be presented during the Re-Assignation Procedure of a challenged ccTLD “.it” domain name.
The use of these forms is not mandatory. The complaint and the repleader are free forms, except for the requirements provided by the Regulations for the resolution of disputes in the ccTLD “it”. Either way, the Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners provides the forms to facilitate the petitioner and the defendant in drafting the acts. The Re-Assignation Procedure starts with the sending of the complaint by the petitioner to the Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners. The Re-Assignation Procedure is conducted into Italian. The Board has the power to decide, on the basis of the circumstances of each proceeding and on the request of one of the parties, to conduct the proceedings in a different language. The Board may order the documents produced in a language other than Italian to be accompanied by whole or partial translations in the language of the proceedings. Prestatore del Servizio di Risoluzione delle Dispute Tonucci & Partners Via Principessa Clotilde n. 7 00196 ROMA and also in electronic form (except for the unreproducible attachments) to the email address The resistant’s repleader must be sent to the same addresses along the same procedures. The Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners will activate the procedure once in receipt of the following:
  • payment of the sum due for the type of procedure chosen by the petitioner;
  • the original and the copy of the complaint signed by the petitioner or his proxy, enclosing the recorded delivery letter sent to the Registry challenging the domain name, official acknowledgement of receipt of the recorded delivery letter, duplicate copies of supporting documentation and, if the complaint is signed by a proxy, power of attorney;
  • a copy of the complaint in electronic file format sent to
Except for irregularities (to be solved at the appropriate time), the filed procedure will be conducted according to the Rules of Naming. The petitioner may opt for representation and assistance by an authorized subject during the Re-Assignation Procedure. The decisions will be communicated to the Italian Registry. Copies of the decisions will be published in the appropriate section of the Italian Registry’s website at In addition to that which is provided in the Naming rules, throughout the course of the procedure the DRS Tonucci & Partners offers– via email and other means of communication – a continuous flow of information regarding the status of the procedure and notifies the Parties of every happening relevant to the controversy.

For further information or clarification, please contact Tonucci & Partners at the address

Download the Compliant Form

Download the Repleader Form