Giuliano Pestoni


Corporate and M&A.
Corporate insolvency.
Tax law and tax planning.


He has been working at Tonucci & Partners since 2022. Accountant since 1992. Statutory auditor of several companies. Partner of Tax Law Firm in Verona since 1999. Bankruptcy Trustee. Court-appointed technical consultant. Company manager. Chairman and Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of several companies. Sole statutory auditor of several companies.


Accounting diploma at Pindemonte Technical Commercial Institute in Verona (1979). Course at SAF Triveneta “Corporate Insolvency – Out-of-court solutions and insolvency procedures” (2018 – 2019). Course at Associazione Concorsualisti “Reasoned reading – The code of the Corporate Insolvency (D.L.vo 19/1/2019 n. 14)” (2019). Course at SAF Triveneta/ODCEC Verona “Corporate insolvency between current legislation and future insolvency regulations” (2021). Qualifying course at SAF Triveneta “The Expert for the Negotiated Composition of the Corporate Insolvency” (2021). Qualifying course at CNDCEC/Lumsa University “Training for enrollment in the Register of subjects appointed by the Judicial Authority to perform management and control functions in the procedures governed by the Crisis and Insolvency Code” (2023).


Accountant Admitted to the National Bar Association – Verona n. 596/A (1992). Italian Accountant Auditor Admitted to the Italian Statutory Auditor Register n. 114037 (1999). Admitted to the Register of Judicial Administrators n. 29 – Ordinary Section (2016). Admitted to the Register of Experts for the Negotiated Composition of the Corporate Insolvency (2022). Admitted to the Register of Corporate Crisis Manager n. 9875 (2023).


Italian (mother tongue). English. French.

In evidence