Fashion and Luxury

Fashion and Luxury sectors constitute a need to effectively protect distinctive signs, manufacture and promote successfully their products in the market and to manage, at an accelerated pace, their business relationships and industrial relations in every area, both domestically and internationally. Our legal assistance and strategic support in the decision- making process, allows the client to operate safely in a multi-faceted tax and regulatory environment.

Our services are addressed to small, medium and large- sized operators, not only “Made in Italy”.

We have gained specific expertise and multidisciplinary skills that enable us to meet every request of assistance : intellectual property, contract law, import and export, regulation and compliance, real estate, corporate issues and extraordinary transactions, as well as civil, administrative and criminal court representation.

The 360-degree protection of the customers’ interests is our mission at every stage of any business lifecycle, ranging from the organization of activities, the creation of the product up to its production and marketing, as well as the development and reorganization of the company.