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18.03.2020 / Alessandro Del Ninno

The new self-certification form released by the Minister for Internal Affairs: criticalities and enforcement difficulties. Interview to Avv. Alessandro del Ninno on Key4Biz.

Prof. Avv. Alessandro del Ninno of Tonucci& Partners has been interviewed by Key4Biz – one of the main on line Italian newspapers focused on the Digital Economy – about the new self-certification form as released by the Minister for Internal Affairs and to be used to ground the legitimate reasons to move outside (freely moving is actually strictly forbidden in Italy, except for specific reasons, due to the COVID-19 emergency). Prof. Avv. Del Ninno goes in-depth with the legal potential criticalities with reference to the gathering and processing citizens’ health personal data according to the Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) applicable even in light of the emergency under way.

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