Events and Conferences
25.07.2019 18:30

Tonucci & Partners, promoter of the greetings toast to Ambassador Ofer Sachs at its headquarters in Rome on July 25th 2019, hosting guests of business, political and professional world.

The economic connections between Italy and Israel were the kernel of the meeting with the State of Israel Ambassador, Ofer Sachs which took place at Tonucci & Partners roman headquarters on July 25th 2019. The initiative, promoted by Tonucci & Partners with the contribution of Mario Tonucci, Giorgio Altieri, Barbara Pontecorvo and Alessandro Varrenti, threw light on the brilliant achievements accomplished by the diplomat in the economic field. Alessandro Varrenti, while introducing the topics of the meeting, thanked the Ambassador of Israel for his participation. The excellent diplomatic relations and the fruitful cooperation between Italy and Israel were the main topics of Barbara Pontecorvo’s speech. Ambassador Sachs summed up, during his speech, the constant growing macroeconomic data regarding the Israeli economy and the attraction towards foreign investments, in particular those concerning Cyber Security. Moreover, He underlined the extraordinary growth of Venture Capital investments and the amazing discoveries in the technological innovation regarding strategic sectors such as Digital HealthCare, FinTech, Food Tech, E.Commerce and AgTech. Mario Tonucci thanked the Ambassador, the businessmen, the representatives of the political and associations world present at the meeting.