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28.05.2019 / Pasquale Silvestro

Tonucci & Partners advisor of Triestina Calcio 1918 in the regeneration of “G. Ferrini” Training Center, a project of 3.8 million Euro.

Tonucci & Partners, with partners Pasquale Silvestro and Michele Grisafi, has achieved an important result as advisor of Triestina Calcio 1918 football club, heading a pool of professionals for the implementation and construction of the new Triestina Training Center. The final project together with legal documentation, planimetries and financial plan for the requalification of the area, were filed with the municipal offices of Trieste. The project which envisages a total investment of Euro 3.8 million in public-private partnerships, has been submitted to the Municipality of Trieste by our Pasquale Silvestro and Michele Grisafi, who highlighted how it represents, beyond its value from a sporting point of view, an important work of urban redevelopment of the area with a strong public utility impact. (Source: Il Piccolo, 21 May 2019).

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